Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I’m Catching Up but I’m Still Behind…

So I always feel like my life isn’t interesting enough to write about daily. “Today, this happened. And THEN this happened! And then something else happened. The end.” I feel like that would be so boring! But I’ll give it a try:
So this morning, I decided to check WebCampus and discovered something that made my heart drop. You see, last week I had the incredible opportunity to fly down to Las Vegas for a recruiting event for high school juniors and seniors that are thinking about coming to the university. WELL, I had to miss Wednesday and Thursday classes, which I expected would be no problem… BUT it turns out that I was supposed to submit an assignment that I would be missing via email to my teacher for my literacy class. I thought that I could just turn it in the next class session, but when I checked in on the class online, I received a zero out of 30 for the assignment. I emailed her back after my heart attack and it turns out that there isn’t much that can be done. I was not a very good student this past week and I guess I deserve that grade. She said there was a possibility that I could receive half credit for the assignment, which she doesn’t usually do. So here’s hoping.
I also went to the student health center today because I’m still sick. Doctor thinks it could have been stomach flu, but I’m past it now. Thank goodness I’m finally starting to feel a little better!
I also got my nails done today. They’re pretty.
Yesterday in my teaching science class we had a tie dye extravaganza! Today I finally got to wash out my shirt and my apron and they look AMAZING.
I need to figure out what book to read next. I’m reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but I don’t have the patience to get through the beginning. I hear it’s wonderful, but I kind of just want a silly, light read. Or maybe I’ll just go through the Harry Potter series again. For the second time this semester.
I asked Alicia what I should write about in this blog and she said to write about her, and so that’s what I’m doing now. I miss my Alicia. I can honestly say that the majority of my happiest moments in life have been with her. She is my best friend and I just love her so much! I miss her and I think it’s incredibly stupid that we are currently living in different states. I can’t wait until we graduate so that we can be real-life adults together!!
Okay, so I should probably work on homework now. :]

Title Lyric: Faster Ride-- Cartel

Monday, October 11, 2010


It’s so weird to me that this is my senior year. I mean technically I have two and a half semesters of school left before I’m officially licensed, but I’m only in Reno until May.
It’s so weird to me that I’m actually motivated to work out, after such a physically exhausting day.
It’s so weird to me that I’m taking all 400 level classes [with the exception of yoga and volleyball].
It’s so weird to me that all of my classes have the same people in them.
It’s so weird to me that I’m making so many new friends in my last year of college.
It’s so weird to me that I’m actually going to be a teacher at the end of this. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for that.

I wrote that a little more than a month ago, and realized that I never posted it. Being here as a senior is a little less weird to me, and a lot more stressful. But I’ll deal. :)
Currently…. I’m avoiding homework. I probably shouldn’t be doing this since I always have SO MUCH HOMEWORK, always. But, I’m an expert procrastinator and manage well under stress, so I’ll stick to what I do best.
So it’s October. I have no idea where the year went! Soon it’ll be 2011, and that’s so scary. I cannot believe that I’m old enough to graduate COLLEGE. Scary stuff.
There are currently a million things going on in my head right now and it’s impossible to get them all straight. I’m just constantly thinking, thinking, thinking, overthinking. It’s not good! I have so much going on right now I think I might just explode. But then, in the midst of all that, there are times when I am fortunate to have this calm, peaceful state of mind and I know EXACTLY where that comes from. I have something that I can rejoice about every day. I find joy in the little things. I’m glad that I have that.