Tuesday, February 22, 2011


maybe texting you about absolutely nothing brightens my day...

maybe i miss having cable, a lot.

maybe i like the snow a little.

maybe i lied about not liking someone when you asked...
maybe that person is you!

maybe i miss my best friends a whole whole lot.

maybe i am tempted to make brownies and EAT THEM ALL

maybe i am sort of excited to go back to class tomorrow!

maybe i deleted you on facebook but i still can't help looking at your siblings' pages, just because...

maybe i wish that i could pull off red lipstick.

maybe i really miss living on campus so i could eat at the downunder cafe all i want.
maybe i'm really really excited to eat there tomorrow!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i sure do like being happy!

10 Things that Make Me Terribly Happy:

  1. Getting handwritten letters in the mail.
  2. A new box of crayons.
  3. Giving unexpected gifts for no reason at all.
  4. Talking in accents.
  5. Writing letters.
  6. Children's books.
  7. Telling silly stories.
  8. Holding hands.
  9. Dancing in my room.
  10. Tiramisu.

What's your list?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

There's a possibility...

So I've been entertaining myself with the idea of working at a camp this summer. It's something I've been wanting to do for a long long time, and there's the possibility that I'd get to do that if I wanted to this summer! I love camp! I know and love the director and it's been ages since I've been in that kind of leadership position and I know it would be an amazing summer if I chose to do it.

School has been putting me through the ringer lately! I'm currently sick, most likely because a second grader that sneezed in my face the other day... Oh, the joys of teaching! I only eat one meal a day, most of the time... I'm just GO GO GO until about 7 or 8 every night, when I realize that I haven't eaten! Yes, I know, it's not good for me, and won't help me regain my strength from this stupid cold, and makes me more agitated when I'm working with the children... I'm working on it!

Good news! I'm doing better in my lit intervention class! I'm currently averaging a high B on my assignments, and it's constantly improving! I do not like this not getting A's thing. So hopefully, by next week I'll be back on target! :]

This is such a boring post. I don't want to do homework. I don't want to be sick. I want to work at camp this summer! I want a bunny!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Don't panic, there simply is no need

It’s been a while! I’m sorry.

I’ll just get the depresso stuff out of the way first, so that the rest of the blog will be happy!

So basically, the past few weeks have been sort of discouraging for me. I have never worked so hard in my life to earn a good grade. I don’t mean to sound big-headed, but stuff has usually come pretty easily to me in the past. So when I got my first grade back from my literacy intervention class, and it was a D, I was more than a little upset. I worked my butt off on that teaching assignment! But, my grades have been getting better, and my mentor in that class tells me I’m right on track. [How cool is that? I get my own mentor!] As far as my other classes go, it’s been really fun. I teach a kindergarten math class, and a third grade science class. These lessons are only taught once a week, and because I plan those lessons so far in advance, I have to remind myself again what I’m teaching the day of. My literacy class definitely makes me forget that I’m taking four other classes! But I’ll deal.
So, Superbowl Sunday!


I cheered for the Packers. I felt like such a traitor to all my die-hard Steelers fan friends, but I sure do love me some Aaron Rodgers. And Clay Matthews. He’s a beast. Plus, a friend of mine is a big Packers fan and I trusted his judgment. So there. The game was so good! And it definitely helped that I got to watch it in a gorgeous home with LOTS of food and fun people. :) AMBY love!

Recently, I’ve discovered something revolutionary. It’s called the Conair Infiniti YouCurl. My roommate owns it and I LOVE playing with it! With my hair being naturally curly and all, I go through a lot to get it straight. And it NEVER cooperates when I want to actually control the curls with a curling iron. But THIS THING is the best. I’m obsessed. Curled hair FOR DAYS.

No, this isn’t a paid advertisement…
So recently I’ve become a bit of a hypochondriac. I spend the majority of my time around a bunch of children and everyone around me is getting sick and every morning I wake up thinking I’ve caught something. So I feel like this sore throat I have MIGHT be all in my head, but I’m nervous. Must load up on Emergen-C and Airborne. STAT!
Okay, enough with this procrastinating. I have to get back to homework… I’m going to try my best to post at least twice a week! Maybe!

Love you!

Title lyric: Into the Airwaves– Jack’s Mannequin