Friday, December 30, 2011

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

So here's the deal.

The other day I was stumbling around on Pinterest, and I kept coming across this link to a girl's blog chronicling her 60 day juice fast. Now, I have a history of stumbling across fad diets, and being incredibly motivated to do them... But then I end up giving up after only a few days. This "fast" seemed to be another one of those silly fad diets that don't work out for me in the long run, so I just brushed it off.

Everyone wants a "lose weight fast" kind of diet, with no work involved. It's just too darn bad that life isn't that easy. It's no wonder I always lose my motivation after a few days, because I just assume that a certain fad diet will do all the work for me, and it'll be a piece of cake! Right?!

So, after reading through an entire blog on juicing, I decided to watch this documentary that seemed to be the starting point for every juice fast blog that I came across. The documentary is called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I watched this documentary today with my parents and let me tell you, it was inspiring.

After finishing this video, my parents and I have decided to start a 60 day juice fast. This means that our diet will consist of 100% raw fruits and veggies run through a juicer. This is exactly the first step I need to take to get healthy again.

Frankly, I'm sick of my low self-esteem because of my weight. I'm tired of being tired and out of shape. I want to live a life that is active and healthy, not a life that is centered on a couch, Netflix, and fast food.

 I'm so excited about this and I'm positive that I can do this. It'll be a lot less difficult to do because both my parents are on board with this. [Which tells you something about that video. It had to be preeeetty convincing in order for all three of us to decide that this was something we needed to do!] If you're interested, check out the documentary. It's streaming on instant Netflix, and it's amazing. I'll be documenting my progress as I go, and I hope I don't end up boring you along the way. ;)