Friday, January 23, 2015

The week I learned pushups were the enemy...

Week 2 of Jamie Eason's LiveFit program complete, and I'm 7 days out from being finished with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

What's coming up for me:

1. Starting Monday, I'll be hitting the gym five days a week! I'm excited for this, especially having two leg days a week. I LIVE for leg days. The first two weeks of the LiveFit program had 4 days on/3 days off. Yay for less rest days!

2. Friday, January 30th marks my last day of the 24 day challenge. I'll take "after" pictures and provide a weight loss update at that point. I decided this week not to check the scale, because I found that I've been focusing more on the number the scale shows me rather than the progress I feel I am making. I am already stronger, my clothes are fitting loosely, so I shouldn't necessarily stress over the scale at this point!

Things I loved this week:

1. I've been tracking my workouts through's Bodyspace app. It's amazing! It's the best way for me to see exactly how much progress I've made and calculates exactly how much weight I'm lifting compared to previous workouts.

2. I love that even though it's going to take a LONG time to get the results that I want, I can foresee myself continuing to enjoy this for as long as I need. I've never had this much fun at the gym before.

3. Food. Meal prep is my best friend. I thought I would get bored with the food I've been preparing, but I still love it. This week I realized just how much I love hummus. So good. I like dipping my chicken in it sometimes, just for funzies. Slowly but surely I'm changing my relationship with food, and it's just the best.

Things I didn't love:

You know, I'm TOTALLY happy to stack on the weight for most exercises, but I am just at a total loss when it comes to pushing my body repeatedly off of the ground. I imagine I'll start seeing results eventually, but currently I feel like a total weakling.

I'm not losing at the rate I was last week, but this is okay! Stay tuned for next week's post; I'll share a picture or two and will update my total weight and inches lost!

I just wanted to finish this blog post by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading this, to those of you that have been texting me with support, posting on Facebook, etc. You have no idea how motivating that is. I love you guys!

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