Friday, February 06, 2015

24 Day Challenge Results!

I finished the 24 Day Challenge, and first of all, I'm straight up amazed I even got to this point!

Here's the before:
And the after:

I apologize that I'm pretty lousy at taking quality pictures! I have lost a lot from my stomach, and a bit from my hips as well.

Total weight lost: 19 pounds
Total inches lost: 16.25 inches 

To be honest, I'm not noticing the physical change as much as I am the change in my health. I don't feel tired or sluggish anymore, I'm getting better sleep, and I'm ultra motivated at the end of my work day to get to the gym!

One of my favorite Advocare products BY FAR is Spark! It's an energy supplement that works incredibly well, without that nasty crash hours later. After working at Starbucks for so long, coffee no longer has any effect on me, so I'm glad I finally found something to help wake me up in the morning and keep me energized throughout the day. It comes in so many delicious flavors, I've resolved to try them all!

I have also super enjoyed the meal replacement shakes as a breakfast alternative. I am not a morning person by any means, and in the past that meant that I often skipped breakfast. These were a great grab and go option for me that really helped make my meal prep so easy!

If you have any questions about Advocare, how it works, or any product recommendations, I'd be happy to help!

What's next for me

I'm going to continue on with the healthy eating habits I started with this challenge, as well as continue using the Jamie Eason LiveFit program for my workouts. I'm still so shocked at how fun this has been!

I still have a long way to go in my fitness journey, but I'm so excited to have seen such great results in this first month alone!